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Hi-Performance Glazing Solutions acts as a Manufacture’s Representative to the Midwest construction market of innovative, hi-performing glazing products that enhance the energy efficiency of the building envelope. Leading architects and glazing contractors in the industry know us as their go-to ‘glass guys’.

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What Our Clients Say:

“There are very few companies who’s personnel have the understanding of LEED that you do. Viracon is to be commended for their understanding of this matter. Few other manufacturers or industries can tout this experience. Thank you!” – Glenn S., Architect, Kahler-Slater
“Thank you so much! It really helps to work with people who respond in such a timely manner.” – Daniela G., SOM
“I would just like you and others at Viracon to know how good the customer service has been. The level of service reinforced our confidence in Viracon.” – Michael D., Architect/Specification Writer
“Bill Zientarski: Technically, most reliable. You can always count on a professional, accurate and prompt response.” – Lyle Hill, USGlass, July 2006

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a Trusted Advisor to our clients.
  • We are good stewards to our environment.
  • We offer real world solutions that meet project demands.
  • We are committed to educating our industry.
  • We offer a value proposition to the construction process.

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